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Natural Disasters

Updated: Oct 19, 2020

The need for an explanation of disaster is a well known fascination of the human condition. The 2020 Hurricane season and the attempt to find causality is a clear example of how this innate human desire is corrupted. The large number of hurricanes have traditionally been matched with the La Nina phenomenon. La Nina stops potential wind impediments from halting the progression of tropical storms into hurricanes. Usually any increase in the frequency of hurricanes can be explained by this. However, the reasoning is tried and humanity, for all of its might, can do nothing with this explanation. No amount of tampering will lead to a reduction of hurricanes making landfall and thusly there will be a gravitation towards other irrational explanations.

Climate opportunists, such as those writing for publications like the Washington Post, have jumped on the situation to impose their ideology on scientific reasoning. La Nina is present this year, however there is still suggestion Man-made climate change is the driving factor behind a record number of Hurricanes this year. The logic behind this assessment is not backed by science or statistical data. For a gradual change in climate to be the main explanation for this record year, recent years must also show an average increase in hurricanes making landfall. This is not the case. Rather the occurrences seems arbitrary suggesting that the whole explanation as to why so many hurricanes have appeared in the USA would not be gradual. However the sudden appearance of factors that would explain the rise in Hurricanes can not be changed by human intervention.

The argument of humans not being able to do anything is never as convincing psychologically as an argument where a person can directly impose change. Man-made climate change's persistence in the scientific world is dependent on this fact. Natural disasters and doomsday theories reveal this trait of the Human character. Change is the greatest attraction of nature, whether for good or bad, useful or useless, there is no halting progression.

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