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Warner Bros' subsidiary Rooster Teeth Caught in Sexual Misconduct Scandal

Adam Kovic and Ryan Haywood, former employees of a Warner Bros subsidiary Rooster Teeth, have been fired in the wake of misconduct allegations and release of nude and sexual material that was sent to fans. Haywood is also accused of grooming and having sexual intercourse with fans at Rooster Teeth conventions The company is noted for its inordinate liberal attitude in recent years and its previous extreme reaction to the allegations of misconduct of Vic Mignonga. The official statement of the company on the matter of Adam Kovic and Ryan Haywood is as follows:

Adam Kovic, cousin of noted anti war activist Ron Kovic, became semi famous through his comedic work in Funhaus and Inside Gaming. Kovic, through self recorded evidence, was revealed to have masturbated at work and sent this material to a catfish who he believed was a fan. This catfish would eventually release the pictures of Adam and inadvertently released one image of Ryan Haywood. This one image would spur on the release of more pictures and videos of fans claiming to have been underage and Haywood making sexual advances towards them.

Ryan Haywood started in the company in 2011. Originally being hired as an editor, he would transition to an on screen personality with Achievement Hunter. He was frequently in Let's Plays and was noted for his self described "dad" personality. Haywood is in fact married and has children. Following the initial release of pictures by the catfish, a fan of the channel released a video claiming to have exchanged sexual pictures underage with Haywood:

The Ryan Haywood Situation-hDHBWYMaUb4
Download MP4 • 109.75MB

Following this initial video by Tessa Graves detailing their sexual encounter. A second video was released by a fellow fan.

The second alleged victim to have released a video detailing the abuse claims that Ryan Haywood targets young fans with mental issues (Timestamp 5:40~). At this point, the prior knowledge of fellow Rooster Teeth employees of Haywood's actions is unknown. The potential for state criminal charges in the case of the second victim is unlikely. The statue of limitations is believe to have pass as she did not file a criminal complaint within the 3 year time period. However, other victims are alleged and potentially are not faced with the same disqualification to file. Haywood has issued one statement, but has not said anything publicly since the release of the first video.

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