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Joe Biden, Kamala Harris Campaign Together for First Time since Debate

In Arizona yesterday, the two presidential hopefuls held a rally together for the first time since the vice-presidential debate. As a guest, the wife of the late Senator John McCain gave a speech as to why she endorsed Joe Biden for office. Her remarks piqued interest from the liberal mainstream media earlier as McCain ran for president on the GOP ticket in 2008. This is also noted by conservatives as a move that reaffirms their belief of McCain being more in line with the interests of the Democrat party rather than the people he claimed to represent.

The Biden campaign did not alert the public of the exact location of the rally. Only reporters and Biden campaign staff attended the event. These national reporters are from a preapproved list and local media was not allowed to ask questions of the former vice president.

Local media did cover the outside of the event:

Previously, Biden events have had an overwhelming amount of Trump supporters welcome the campaign to their own rallies:

In a move that supports the notion of an extremely large enthusiasm gap emerging between the two campaigns, Biden has failed yet again to reach voters in a more personal way. Despite Covid-19 concern, the Trump campaign has managed to hold these events with no tangible effect on the spread of the Chinese virus.

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