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Curfew In Paris and Other Cities in France

French President Emmanuel Macron has announced a curfew to curb the transmission of the Corona virus in Paris and other large cities. All people in Paris will be expected to be in there residence at 9 pm and breaking the law will carry a 135 euro fine. A recent uptick in Corona virus cases has been used to justify the new measures.

However, the French public transportation minister has previously stated that the there have been no cases connected to use of the transportation system. A recent photo of the metro in Paris:

This announcement of a curfew comes after many French sports have allowed fans back into stadiums and also seems to backtrack on the government's statements of them having moved past the pandemic. Similar guidelines have been enforced in Britain, with noted selectivity being used to break up protests of the lockdowns. Several districts in the North of Paris are noted as being lawless since the influx of refugees to the western European country. It is hard to imagine such a sweeping law being enforced to any practical effect in these districts especially.

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